Compounding Pharmacy Defense

Federal Investigaton Process

Beginning of Investigation

The government typically begins its investigation of compounding pharmacies, pharmacy owners, pharmacists and marketing companies by executing a search warrant or by sending investigative correspondence.  The investigative correspondence is usually in the form of a criminal grand jury subpoena, a civil investigative demand or an informal letter requesting information and documents.

Formal Interviews

Depending on whether the government pursues criminal charges or a civil sanction, the government may then ask for a formal interview, which is subject to penalties for perjury and/or false statements. Other times, the government may initiate formal litigation by filing a civil complaint or a grand jury indictment.

Hire Competent Counsel

No matter how you become aware of a government investigation, it is imperative that you hire counsel who is familiar with the operations of compounding pharmacies and has substantial experience defending federal health care fraud investigations.    

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